Online Communities

Private online communities of the ‘right’ customers. Online communities are places where customers share and not just talk, they willingly participate and engage with brands in a manner that is far more real and they share their experiences, perceptions, joy and frustrations about it.

These communities allow you to engage with your most important customers on a long term basis so that you can understand them in-depth, understand their needs and motivations, work with their preferences on product/service ideas, get them to test your offers and get feedback on them, improvise and launch, keep exploring options for the future.

We offer these communities in collaboration with CrayonWorks of London (

Bespoke communities

  • A community recruited specially for a client for a fixed time period
  • Members access from a place and at a time that is convenient for them
  • Facilitators engage members through conversations
  • Encourage them to share ideas, experiences through videos/ photos and words. Get them to participate in tasks
  • These conversations and tasks are analysed for actionable insights in the form of reports

Online community on Beauty, Health and Wellness – Syndicated offer

  • This is a syndicated community started since July’12 among beauty/grooming opinionators and will run for an year
  • There are 70 members in this community, both men and women across various age groups
  • Different clients can subscribe to it and we will give them access to see the live discussions
  • Clients could also select a sub-group from here for detailed discussions that they might want to have on any idea or product
  • Every quarter a report will be shared basis the discussions for the quarter